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"The Swedish government proposed, on 2 February 2007, a bill to ensure that Sweden’s pension legislation is in ..." 28/02/2007
"The Court of Appeal ruled, on 20 February 2007, that taxpayers should have more time to establish whether losses from ..." 28/02/2007
"The European Court of Justice held, 18 January 2007, that Sweden's capital gains tax deferral on proceeds from the sale ..." 28/02/2007
"Members of the Swiss government have reiterated their determination to resist further European Union incursions on its ..." 26/01/2007
"The Swedish government has proposed a new rule under which residents' employee stock options would be taxed at the time ..." 26/01/2007
"Increased prosperity meant that Swedes paid more tax in 2005, contributing SEK24 billion more than the previous year." 26/01/2007
"Bjorn Ulvaeus, a former member of music group ABBA, was ordered, on 4 January 2007, to pay SEK 16 million (US$2." 26/01/2007
"The European Commission decided, on 9 January 2007, to refer Sweden to the European Court of Justice in respect of ..." 26/01/2007
"The European Commission sent Portugal a formal request, on 9 January 2007, to end discrimination against non-Portuguese ..." 26/01/2007
"An action agenda for Hong Kong, drawn up by specialist focus groups in response to the publication of China's 11th ..." 26/01/2007
"The revised protocol to the Denmark-US tax treaty, signed on 2 May 2006, was ratified by the Danish parliament on 15 ..." 26/01/2007
"Switzerland is to ratify the Hague Convention on Trusts in 2007 following the approval of domestic trust legislation in ..." 26/01/2007
"Bermuda's House of Assembly has passed the Investment Funds Act 2006, which sets out the regulatory regime for public ..." 26/01/2007
"The Qatar Financial Centre Regulatory Authority (QFCRA) released a consultation paper and accompanying draft rules on ..." 26/01/2007
"Laszlo Kovacs, the EU tax commissioner, told member states that vast improvements are required to protect citizens and ..." 26/01/2007
"The Jersey government is consulting on a Trusts (Amendment No.5) (Jersey) Law, which it hopes will be brought into ..." 26/01/2007
"The Isle of Man Treasury is consulting the finance industry on the introduction of a proposed new tax cap on profits ..." 26/01/2007
"TONY Brown was elected by Tynwald, the Isle of Man’s parliament, as the new Chief Minister of the Isle of Man, as of 21 ..." 26/01/2007
"The European Court of Justice (ECJ) handed down, on 12 December 2006, a decision in Test Claimants in the FII Group ..." 26/01/2007
"A Commonwealth Secretariat study has found that small island states are finding compliance costs substantially outweigh ..." 28/12/2006
"Minister of Taxation Kristian Jensen issued a new Bill, which includes several significant changes to Danish Corporate ..." 28/12/2006
"Sweden again topped the world league table of national tax burdens in 2005, according to the annual OECD survey of the ..." 28/12/2006
"The UK’s 54 billionaires are paying personal taxes on only a fraction of their wealth, according to a report by ..." 28/12/2006
"The Bulgarian parliament agreed, on 12 October 2006, to reduce the corporate tax rate on profits made by Bulgarian and ..." 28/12/2006
"Hong Kong's government unexpectedly dropped, on 5 December 2006, a proposal to introduce a 5% goods and services tax ..." 28/12/2006
"The 2005 protocol to the 1995 Austria-Norway income and capital tax treaty entered into force on 1 December 2006; its ..." 28/12/2006
"The Australian Treasurer and the Finnish Minister of Finance signed a new tax treaty between Australia and Finland on ..." 28/12/2006
"The upper chamber of the Dutch parliament approved, on 28 November 2006, a package of tax reform measures to introduce ..." 28/12/2006
"Singapore and Qatar signed a tax treaty on 28 November 2006 during Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong's official visit to ..." 28/12/2006
"The Australian Senate approved, on 6 December 2006, the Tax Laws Amendment (2006 Measures No. 4) Bill, which exempts ..." 28/12/2006
"Belgium and the US signed, on 27 November 2006, a new tax treaty and protocol to replace the 1970 tax treaty currently ..." 28/12/2006
"The Russian Finance Ministry issued guidance, on 23 October 2006, clarifying the application of the Cyprus-Russia tax ..." 28/12/2006
"The Belgium government announced, on 27 October 2006, that it plans to abolish dividend withholding tax in respect of ..." 28/12/2006
"The richest 2% of adults in the world own more than half of global household wealth according to a study released on 6 ..." 28/12/2006
"Canadian Finance Minister Jim Flaherty set into legislative motion a process to tax offshore "tax havens." 02/12/2006
"Sweden and the US are the two least stressful countries in which to operate a family owned business, but stress levels ..." 02/12/2006
"There are currently more than 2,400,000 wealthy individuals in the Nordic region, holding more than €400 billion ($509 ..." 02/12/2006
"The Isle of Man Companies Act 2006, which introduces a new simplified corporate vehicle into Manx Law, was brought into ..." 02/12/2006
"The European Union's Data Protection working party ruled, on 22 November 2006, that the Brussels-based international ..." 02/12/2006
"Amendments to Jersey's Trusts Law were approved by the Privy Council and became statute on 2 October 2006." 02/12/2006
"The British Virgin Islands is to bring in new laws for private trust companies, as of 1 January 2007, that are designed ..." 02/12/2006
"The New York federal court postponed indefinitely, on 13 November 2006, the criminal trial of 16 former KPMG executives ..." 02/12/2006
"A negative list of tax havens, countries that levy very low or no tax, is being prepared in India to reduce the ..." 02/12/2006
"The State Administration of Taxation of the People's Republic of China has issued a reply notice, Guo Shui Han [2006] ..." 02/12/2006
"In a landmark decision of 25 October 2006, the House of Lords reversed the Court of Appeal’s decision and found in ..." 02/12/2006
"The, as yet unapproved, 2007 Portuguese Budget proposes to reduce the Municipal Tax levied on offshore (blacklisted) ..." 02/12/2006
"The European Commission sent Ireland and Poland formal requests, on 17 October 2006, to end discrimination of foreign ..." 02/12/2006

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