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UJ Marine

With the expertise gained from 20 years of experience in the fields of yacht registration and offshore company management, UJ Marine can provide a fully professional and personal service to yacht owners in the following areas:

  • Global yacht registration
  • Assistance with brokered purchase and sale
  • Marine Insurance
  • Marine Finance
  • Radio Licensing
  • Accounting
  • Corporate structures to hold vessels
  • Tax efficient management of private and chartered vessels
  • Tax and VAT advice and planning

So whatever your nautical requirement, let UJ Marine take the helm.

Yatch Registration

UJ offers yacht registration on a worldwide basis, but the British Red Ensign is our flag of choice. The Red Ensign provides international recognition, prestige and protection to each vessel that flies it. British-registered yachts may seek assistance from any British embassy or consulate and all the important information about a yacht, including mortgages, debts or liens, is recorded at its Port of Registry.

But if you want to fly the Red Ensign it is important to make an educated choice as to which of the many British Ports of Registry around the world will meet your individual needs. Each register is self-contained and has different regulations in place, offering its own advantages and in some cases, disadvantages.

For full registration, the proposed name for the yacht must be cleared with the Port of Registry.

The yacht must have a Tonnage Measurement Survey carried out by a recognised classification society and either an original Builders Certificate for a new yacht or a notarised Bill of Sale for a pre-owned yacht. UJ Marine, as Registered Agents, would arrange all these matters for you to ensure that the correct procedures are followed and the right forms are submitted for registry purposes.

Our comprehensive marine service would include registration of a change of ownership of a yacht, a change of name of a yacht or a transfer of a yacht to another British Port of Registry. We will also submit the necessary documentation for the Registry to issue a "Provisional Registration" for the yacht that is valid for three months. This will allow the yacht to move freely while the full registration is being completed.

Corporate Ownership

Registering a yacht in the name of a company is an increasingly popular and inexpensive option that can deliver a number of significant advantages:

  • Confidentiality of ownership - UJ can advise on the most suitable jurisdictions to incorporate, taking into account your domicile and residence, as well as provide directors and shareholders to ensure confidentiality;
  • Inheritance - adopting a corporate structure for ownership may enable you to avoid inheritance taxes;
  • Transfer taxes - under a corporate structure, selling a vessel can be effected simply by transferring your shareholding to the new owner, often thereby avoiding home country transfer taxes or licensing issues;
  • Asset protection - transferring the assets of a company to a discretionary trust can provide increased asset protection, as well as continuity in terms of the settlor's wishes;
  • Limited liability - if a vessel is registered in the name of a company whose sole asset is the boat, this will limit any liability from damage to another vessel or personal injury to a third party.

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